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We offer a caring, quality alternative to prolonged hospitalization or nursing home placement. We strive each day to give our patients and their families’ peace of mind, knowing all those in our care are in the hands of fully screened, insured and bonded, certified and/or licensed caregivers.

Our friendly office staff is available Monday – Friday 8:00-4:30 to listen to what your needs are and help you find the best solution for your family.

Registered Nurses are available after hours and on weekends to meet your needs.

What does “Homebound” mean?

aboutThe Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services define homebound status to be when it takes a considerable and taxing effort for a patient to leave their home, such as the use of special equipment or another person to safely leave. Homebound status does not mean that the patient can no longer go to their physician, or seek other medical services. The patient can also attend special events, church, etc., as long as the above criteria is met.

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Please call or email with any questions. Our professional staff will be happy to help you decide which level of care would be most appropriate for your needs.

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